Lexium signs strategic partnership agreement with myMCS – World leader in systems for Real Estate, Facility Management and Workplace Optimization.

Lexium is an independent advisor who specializes in Property and Facility Management in the Nordic market. All advisors have unique competence and long experience of managing major service delivery and development. myMCS is one of a few in the world toprovide a comprehensive solution for management of real estate, services and workplace optimization. myMCS began with the management of CAD drawings for buildings. By linking the drawings to a structured underlying database with the ability to tailor processes and workflows has over the years created a powerful tool for simplifying management and streamlining of properties and services. myMCS has over a million users in 60 countries worldwide. Among its customers include Nordea, Siemens, Proximus (Belgacom), Telenor, ISS, etc.

By providing consulting services in combination with myMCS software, myMCS have been able to drive the development in Facility Management, from cleaning to catering, technical maintenance, energy management, and more. By maintaining leading edge technology in these areas, so one can also anticipate market trends and build them into their integrated solutions. Whatever the size of the company and whether if you rent or own their premises they can streamline their operations by means of myMCS. The system supports both the service operations in-house who want to develop as well as large organizations who wish to procure, develop and operational follow up their outsourced solutions.

-“-myMCS is driven to create value for our customers. That is why we work with partners as Lexium, experienced actors who combine a deep knowledge of facility and property management with a clear vision of the growing importance of FM tools and systems”, says Carlo Van der Steen, CEO of myMCS in Sweden.

-“-As both the advisor and service provider in Facility and Property Management we have for long seen the need for a fully complete integrated software to control and monitor all activities that occur on a business or a property every day. myMCS is one of few in the world to be able to deliver a fully integrated software today. Therefore, we are very excited about the collaboration with myMCS. By combining our expertise and experience with myMCS software, we can change a company’s way of building an organization and its cost structure. Used correctly, our customers will significantly reduce its business risk and create real efficiencies”, says Jan Näsström, Senior Executive vice President, Lexium

Lexium AB is a FM player in growth. We are looking for more FM knowledgeable employees who want to work in the customer-operative relations, who thrive on developing solutions and people, where the everyday bills and really passionate personal service.

For more information visit our webistes; www.lexium.se or www.mymcs.se or contact:

Carlo Van der Steen, CEO, myMCS carlo.vandersteen@mcs.fm or phone 072- 7217600 Jan Näsström, Senior Executive vice President, jan.nasstrom@lexium.se or mobile 0732-009900